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Wronger Than Hitlor:

Sometimes I get so mad, it seems like things get out of control
Some crimes are not my fault, it's difficult to bare my soul
It's not my fault you caught me cheating
If you weren't snooping around you wouldn't be getting a beating
Your running mouth is something I'm not needing
It's not my fault your skull is bleeding
Its your fault

Sometimes I cry at night, 'cause of what you done to cause so much pain
Don't be upset that I'm scoring on the side
Don't hate the player, hate the game

It's not my fault you're in a wheelchair
It's not my fault I ripped out your hair
It's not my fault I rolled you down the stairs
It's your fault

Now it seems things are fine I've cleared my mind, and I'm sober
So strap on your cement shoes, You've paid your dues, the beatings over

Things are fine - time will heal that lip
Let's take a trip to the riverside
If you'd just shut your mouth like I told you
You'd still be alive