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Raspberry Hammer:

I didn't think I'd scare you
By telling you how I feel
Why couldn't you just explain
You wouldn't tell me
You avoided me
I hate you but I can't help liking you
I'm so lonley all the time
I don't want to be your boyfriend
I just wanna be your friend
Why does it matter?
Why should it matter?
Why couldn't you just tell me to leave you alone?

rock break

I only continued
Because I had nothing to loose
But in the process I gained an addiction to you
I don't want to loose what I've gained
Because even if it's returned in the smallest amount
It feels so good
Why? I dont know
I do know that it feels horrible when
You avoid what you don't understand
I don't understand you
That's why I can't forget you now
I just wish it would all go away
I wish you would go away
But I can't leave you alone
And I can't let you leave me alone