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The Dog Adventure:

We are the dogs that live in the darkness. We are the dogs that howl in the night
We're so lonely without a master. So we go around and start dog fights
This is our tale, my name is Sparrow. And my dog friends are Frank and Blind Jay
Roaming the streets, looking for a bite to eat.
And just then a gang of cats came to play

HEY! We are the dogs! Ain't no cats allowd in our alley
We're the dogs that go howling through the night
HEY! We are the dogs! "Time to clean up the street, let's eat 'em!"
Calm down Frank, we may be dogs but we don't bite!
We won't fight!....WE LOVE YOU!!

We joined the cats and started an alliance
Now we have three more members of our gang
One-armed Jess, her sisters: Jane and Meowza.
We may be different but it ain't no thang
We started out as just being gang friends. But now it's become so much more
Ready to take on any sort of predator, don't look now, but here comes a wild bore!

HEY! We are the dogs! And it's time we protect these felines
Dog formation, It's time to defend!
HEY! We are the dogs! Stay away from Jane don't eat her!
Holy cow, that bore just ate our dear friend
OUR FRIEND! Goodbye Jane.....

HEY! We are the dogs! And revenge is about to be served
Watch out bore, it's time for us to fight!!
HEY! We are the dogs C'mon Sam-Stray, we can take him
Dinner time, I think I want pork tonite, tonite
That's right! I'm starved! So now It's TIME TO DIE!!!