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Chips And Salsa:

Ben, why can't you read between the lines?
When will you open up your eyes?
It's obvious to everyone but you
J. and Sean have got a secret to hide
A skeleton of unbelivable size
They screw.....They do!?

Your girlfriend is a whore
She is a two bit played out dame
No matter how you want things back
They will never be the same
She played you like a fool
And she made you look real lame
Shes basically an animal whose heart you can not tame

She's a slut, you gotta recognize
When she talks to you she dosen't look you in the eyes
When she's sexin' you shes thinking of him
Except he's bigger...And by bigger I mean taller
And by taller he means 'penis size'
Just break up with her and get yourself a dog

The kid is clearly not yours, It's time to face the facts
You had a vasectomy years ago, plus the kid is black
She lied and said it was yours, shes all tripped out on crack
It's a good thing we were here for you
To set you back on track
Ben Affleck this song is about you, Jennifer Lopez And P. Diddy
Who she's pooorking!!!