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This Means War!!:

Oh the time when the dragon attacked the robot eagle
and he finally snapped his beak to fight the deadly dragon
Punching her with his wings
And the death was irreminent

So the eagle and the dragon continued round two
throughout the night into the bloody bowels of hell
The dragon snapped her tale into the eagle's back
and then the robot eagle used his lazer eyes
And burn marks were everywhere
This was a vile strike
You know this means war!!

For you know her children dove to die
To try and save the dragons pride
Then the dragon opened up her jaws
But then the eagle fought back with claws
An epic battle of two deadly kings
The dragon blew a flame upon his wings
And as the eagle fell to the ground
The dragon swooped to steal his crown

And so it goes, A bloody war
With scraps of eagle metal on the floor
And so they fought into the night
The eagle won, And the dragon died
Into her heart with which she declared war
The eagle slew her with the master sword
The dragon fell into the eagle's arms
That's what you get for attacking Pearl Harbor with bombs.