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Drugs Are Rad Esse:

We condone Mary Jane
How else could the junk food industry thrive so well?
It's amazing when I go to the shop
And I see a bunch of kids smoking pot
I just know they'll want to buy
Hostess cupcakes and delicious Moon Pies
Helping factory workers pay thier bills
We think that is golly gosh darn swell
Keep it up kids - Smoke two pounds a day
Have some heroin!!
It'll calm you down to the point of being retarded
It's amazing when I walk through the slums
And I see a bunch of heroin bums
I know they won't take my job
Cause they're a mob of lazy slobs
Nothing in this world can make me cheer up
Like when I see a strung out hippy shoot up
Giving all their jobs to me
You should do cocaine!!
Otherwise you'll have no way to spend your money
Everybody needs a hobby you know
Why not spend all of your money on blow?
Let the wife and baby die
As long as you get your fix tonite
Nose candy for famous people like you
Doing coke boners with Motley Crue
What an awesome life you have
It's raaaaaad!!!