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The Milkshake:

Best Milk, Best Milkshake, That I've ever had
Real tasty (TASTY!), Real Yummy (YUMMY!)
It's so chilly in my tummy oh yea (oh yea!)
Made of strawberries, They're delicious
The best berry in all the land
I love 'em, I really love 'em
Oooh this milkshake tastes so grand!
Here comes my girlfriend (Hi!)
She's so pretty, She's about 5 feet tall
I'll bet she wants some milkshake (I do!)
Good thing I have another straw
Hey baby, pretty baby, I love the way that straw hits your lips
Slow down, dont bogart it all! Please dont that the last sip!!


YOU SLUT! HOW DARE YOU! You'll never be my wife!
You're ugly, fat and disgusting, that was the best milkshake of my life! (I'm sorry!)
It's over, you ruined it, It's not like I have much wealth
THAT MILKSHAKE WAS MY BABY! I may as well kill my...

Selfish. I'm sorry, we'll get another they're only a buck
And after that we'll take off our clothes
and have ourselfs a....swim
Aren't you glad we're wearing our bathing suits
Under our clothes and over our skin
So baby, Ohh baby, Ohh baby
Thats the end, of our song.