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The Ballad Of John Deadman:

Softly breathing in hopes of waking you
I get up and leave you all alone
No one sees me, I leave quietly
I want to wake you, but I won't
Slowly drifting further into the light
Passing through everything I know
It's the right thing, It's the best thing
I hate leaving, But it's good to go

I am sorry but I'll be watching you
Every step you make until you arrive
When you're sleeping, I am next to you
Dying outside, but I never felt so alive

Your body aches
I wish I could take your pain away
It's not easy to watch you suffering
But you'll see me again
You'll see me again someday
I see you when you cry for me
But I'm happy, so be happy too
And when you come back
I promise I'll be waiting here for you