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A Million Love Songs:

Drop, drop, drop
Drop jawed, so nervously
It's like cannonball to my knees
I can't stand it, I know I'm gonna fall
Just as I'm about to fall you reach out and
Slam me into the wall just like you planned it
At least this way I'm not dead

I've got a way of blowing everything out of proprtion
When I think of it
What really matters baby is you and me
Sometimes I think I loose sight of that
The next heart attack I might not be back
So lets enjoy this tragedy

Ok, I'm pleased to tell you that
Today I'll be alright
And it's crazy...crazy enough to work out
You said it would be fine
But it feels like I'm doing time
For a big crime, a murder I didn't commit

You've got a way of holding out when I'm on my knees
I'm begging please
You said there's no easy way out of this
So then I remember everything and my Killer Queen makes me sing
A million love songs everyday!