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The Friendship:

You say that we are close
And I know that we're pals
I'll open up my door
And let you in my house
We'll hang out all night long
And have a grand ol' time
Oh I am just a lonely lemon, won't you be my lime?
...Or a vegetable, I don't even care
But if we were fruit we'd be a perfect pear
Because 'WE'RE BEST FRIENDS' everybody sing
Climb aboard my friendship and we'll go sailing whaooo

Oh we'll go to the park
Go skipping in the grass
I'll bring my new football
And I'll throw you a pass
And when you're feeling down
I'll pick you right back up
And if you want some lemonade I'll pour some in a cup-
-ple of buddies we will always be
Together in our Friendship sailing on the sea
We'll search 'FOR TREASURE' while we sing a song
'til one day we realize we've been rich all along whaaaoooo