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Friendly Fire:

There's something about this morning
It's Tuesday and I know I'll receive your telegram
Each word is a treasure to me
But your letter made me worry sick
Here's what it said:

DEAR DARLIN' - Bullets fly by me all night
Barely missing
Friends are dropping left and right
But we're winning

Your new daughter wants to meet you
Everyone says she's got your eyes, bright like the moon
We're proud of our soldier fighting
And we know you'll make it back okay, you'll be home soon

OH BABY - When I pass newspaper stands
I'm reminded of the war you're fighting in
Thinking you're dead
Hitler took France and Norway and Poland too
But I know I'll be okay
He can't take you

Fin'ly Tuesday's here again, I'm excited
But a letter from your friend
Said you were dead
You were tryin' to tie your shoes
Tanks were driven
If you'd only looked around
You'd be livin'