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Ryan (Ryan's Song (A Song About Ryan Brosmer (This Song is Actually About Snow))):

It's supposed to snow tonight
And I am getting really psyched all right
Lets dance, a twenty percent chance of fun for you and me

We'll stay up really late and flip out at the first snowflake
No school, it's totally gonna rule and we can go ice skating on the pool
I can't wait to sled and play snow games
I just hope it's not sleet or freezing rain, 'cause that would be so lame!

I think the roads look slick, my brother says it will not stick
I'm scared, there's snowflakes in the air and now it's time for bed
It's time to wake up now, I look outside and holy cow all right!
It really snowed last night, let's snowball fight
All right all right all right!

I call my friend...
Hey lets go out and ride upon our sleigh because it's a snow day!

We're really flyin'
This is the best of times
With my old pal Ryan
So fun it should be a crime!
I can't believe the good times we're havin' right now
Now lets go inside because I'm getting.......