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5000 Hours (Jesse's Song):

Lets meet up at 8 o'clock in Serpent Shrine and fight
This will be more fun than Black Wing Lair you know
We'll kill a fish tonight
Healing, tanking, DPSing man it's freaking sweet
I can't wait to get some gold and clothe my feet with boots of blasphemy

Whoa, raiding with my horde
Slashing with my sword
A heart so pure and true
Tanking monsters too
Playing 'til we die
And from the graveyard
I run back to where my body lays to resurrect

All decked out in purple, going on a killing spree
I've slain more night elves than I can even count, I'm level 70
With my raid party I know we're strong and we can't lose
On my epic flying mount I rule the noobs
I'm like a god to them
Won from Moltencore:
The sword of Dumbledore
And light sabers too
Slicing right through you
Weezer is so rad
And so is Raygun
I watch FireFly and I love Sega Genesis
I'm the kind of friend that's always there for you
- I'm Jesse Morgan