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Sucker Punch:

There's something to this that just seems so unreal
Maybe we never had anything there
I didn't think that it was coming to this
I can't imagine you really care

But I guess I thought more of what we had than you did
Out of nowhere like a hammer your fist took all my air

This sucker punch is something I'm not quite how I should take
And every moment it aches as I think
There's no way that it's not my fault and I know it
But you still could have said something
I wonder is it just too much to ask for the truth
Tell me what is gained by the blood you drew, what could I do?

It was always you and me and without you I am nobody
This ship's sinking, now you're free

And as I'm laying here with teeth on the ground
I know eventually I'll have to stand
Maybe it's not as big a deal as I think
But we can never be friends again

I know that I'll be OK, It's getting better each day
I never liked you anyway

And as the blade cuts through my stomach you know you are ripping me apart
I think I'm gonna be sick from your fist colliding with my shattered heart!