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July 25- Our show last week at the library was as usual amazing fun! We won't be playing again for a while, but it's because we are working on our new album! All the music for it is written, on August 4th we are tracking some rough demos so we can start getting lyrics done...then we can re-record the whole dang thing for real! Will it be out by Christmas? New Years? Easter?! Who knows! Here's a picutre!

May 3- We had another fantasically fun show at the Wounded Bookshop last weekend! We are booking a few shows in the area for this summer, but won't be playing out a TON as we want to get the new album on it's way to being recorded. We have like 90% of it written though, so hopefully it won't be a million years until it's finished. Thats about all, folks! Birdmonster rules!

April 19- In going through things finishing up the new website I came across this "review" of "The Sting" I meant to post ages ago. Also, The Impossibles were amazing.


April 18- We have some stuffs going on! I'm like 99% done with the new website, we have a show in a couple of weeks that should be *awesome* and we have most of our new album written! A lot of the new songs are like the old-school poppy doofy stuff, so hopefully everyone will enjoy it! When we start recording I might make a video blog of the process, but you know....I'm very lazy so it might not happen. Haha!

April 1- Yea so. Wow. Amazingly fun show. Clint keeps telling me how it was the most fun he's ever had. Best crowd of all time.

That is the first time I've had a chance to go to a Wounded Bookshop show and I was blown away by the place. I have been playing music in Fredericksburg for 13 years (Yes, I'm that old..haha) and never before have I seen such an amazingly well put together venue. Our friend Adam has done an amazing job making a great all-ages venue for Fredericksburg that's not lame in any possible way. It's not a lame rec center. It's not a stupid community center. It's not a dirty redneck-metal bar. It's a really nice feeling venue with a great atmosphere. Wow. Add his group and keep an eye on upcoming shows. They have a few a month.

In fact.....we will be playing there again on April 28th! I'll have a flier made up soon with all the details.

Thanks to After School Special and Humungo Ginormous for playing last night. Good lord is it nice to play with bands that aren't any form of "hardcore". (Disclaimer: Not that I dislike's just

Oh, if for some reason you want some of the pictures from last night, here they all are:

Oh...If you have any pictures from last night!!...please email them to me! Please! eric(at)atomicraygunattack(dot)com

Oh, we found our banner! It was in our bass drum. Yes I'm serious. Yes we *are* that stupid.

Oh, and that dude on the skateboard that did a manual for two blocks. Holy crap, man.

Seriously. Everyone that came and had fun with us, thank you!