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November 20- Ok, so this has been a lame year in terms of my keeping this updated. But heres some news! Our EP is tracked! Mixing will bedone this month with any luck, and from there it will hopefully be out for our show on January 6th! Also we had some new shirts made, played a couple of awesome shows last month and I got a Wii! Hooray!

July 16- Remember when I used to post here? Hahaha. But hey, good news everyone! We started recording! For real, no joke! Yesterday we got the drums to all six songs of our new EP recorded! It was awesome, by far the easiest drum tracking session we have ever done, it went perfectly. This week I'll get around to tracking the bass, and when Clint is back from his Antartican vacation I'm sure he will do his guitar and yodeling. Yes, I said "yodeling".

Andy and his drums....recording!!

Clint and Andy...and Clint's knees!!!

P.S.....Sleeping till 4pm on Sunday is amazing. Do it.

March 24- We had a show last week that was totally amazing. I think we have band practice tomorrow....stuff's a brewin'!

February 14- We played a *really* fun show on the 4th. Like, super hot-dog awesome. Lots of our friends came that we haven't seen in years, and that's always the best! Other than that, we continue to write new songs and work on recording demos for the new album. As if there was already no chance of that ever getting done, we decided to write a super secret concept EP as well! So, in like 10 years both of those should be out! You *KNOW* you are stoked!

In website related news, I added like a million pictures to the section. Check em out!