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December 24- Chip is gay.

October 18- Ok. New album. We have drums tracked to 2 songs as of a week ago today. Two days ago Clint put down guitar on about half the songs. I'm putting down guitar on some more today, and starting the bass tracks. It is seriously finally comming together and I couldnt be happier. Also, my neighbor got a wireless acess point so I have f-f-fast internet for free. Here's a pic of me, and one of Clint.

September 5- Are ever going to be done with this album? Probably not. We are gearing up to just re-record the entire thing and get it done in one shot. I'd love to say it will be done for Halloween, but realistically it will probably be Xmas. I *swear* we will finish it at some point. Pinky swear!

April 7- We are *finally* finishing the stupid cd. We went and saw New Found Glory two nights ago and ran around like retarded 14 year olds! Awesomely gay! Oh, in real news there are two new songs up on the website. "A Million Love Songs" and "I Think We're Alone Now". Also I started pressing (and by pressing I mean burning) some EP's with 5 (or 6...I can't remember) songs on them. They are free. Hit me up for one, or something. New Found Glory is waaaaay better than us.

Check this out. Im DRESSED TO KILL!!! HAHAHAH!!

Febuary 23- As you can see the "real" website is up. Nothing else really going on. Clint and I are kinda working on a really stupid song. I like the Aquabats.

January 18- I have setup the skeleton that is a "real" website for us. Once we decide on a band name and register a domain name this page will officially go live. Heres a link to check out the work in progress. Let me know if it's messed up or something. It seems to scale to different resolutions without a problem for me at the moment. Oh, go see "Big Fish".

January 17- Clint had his friend Andy over today and we played as a full band. Clint on vocals and guitar, me on bass and Andy playing drums. He's super better than me. God I suck. We are working on putting a live set together. It will be awesome. We might get a keyboard player or something, who knows. For some reason I've been playing Ozma's 'Double Donkey Disc' a lot. They are better than us.

January 1....2004!- We played video games last Monday! Screw music, I quit!