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December 13- Our tour of Richmond last month was awesome! Playing with Bomb the Music Industry was the best! Other than that, we have been writting some new songs, and at some point might have a new cd out. Or at least some new mp3s. Subject matter for the new songs includes monsters, snow and friendship! Awesome! Lastly, I saw Darkest Hour for the third time this year last weekend. That's all I got!

October 3- The Big One V festival last Saturday was a smashing pumpkin! Kids these days love thier on-demand cell phones, on-demand interwebs and on-demand penguin duplicators....ArA brought out the on-demand most pit. If you were there you know what I mean. Also, Jesse and I pwned n00bs on the playground. Booya. In other news Clint and I recorded the theme song for a video game our friend is making. It'll be on the website at some point for yous kids to download with your on-demand interweb boxenz. Oh, if you live in Richmond come see us in November. It's free. Here's a pic of Clint from last weekend, on-demand.

September 24- We have some demos for the new album tracked up, and they are quite different from our previous songs and a lot of fun to play so we are super excited! Usually when a band says "our new stuff is different" it's a bad thing, but I don't think that is the case! We are also gearing up for the "Big One" festival next week, it should be awesome splendid! Last Thrusday our journalist/promo guy wrote a silly artical about us for the local paper, take a look below! Click it to make it bigger/readable!

August 27- Firstly, the new video for "All Hail King Ralph" came out freaking awesome. a HUGE thanks to the kids that came and took part in the video who are in order of appearance: Jesse, Laci, Cody, Brittany, Liam, Kyde, Jon + Chip, Ryan, and Lauren. Phew.

Secondingly, we have half of our new album written. We spent this week tracking demos for it so we don't forget how to play the songs. Haha, it happens...I'm serious. Then we will write the other half, track those as demos and then re-record the whole flippin' thing and release it. The Darkness is much better than us, and here's a picture from the end of the King Ralph video!

July 10- Scott and I worked on more prep work for the next video that we are shooting early next month. Check out what we made!

July 2- Last nights show was freaking splendid! Big ups to the local library, the Free Lance Star and all the amazing kids that came out. It was seriously one of the best crowds of kids we have ever played to! Row Row Row your Boat! yes! Prep work for the next video continues, and heres a picture of Chip helping Clint become less dumb! It's tons of work!

June 29- We (Scott) started working on some amazing artwork for the next music video we are making - ALL HAIL KING RALPH! Awesome! We need like 10-15 people for it, so if you wanna hang out one still unknown Saturday next month and be in a video let me know! Oh, last week we had a couple of awesome fun shows! Here's a pic!

May 30- GET A LOAD OF THIS WACKED CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yea, we had a show two days ago.

May 21- I am SOOOOO sorry about our show last night getting cancelled at the last moment. It was lame as crap, but out of the hands of anyone that could help. In good news we got shirts made! And stickers! And a few new songs written! And stuff! Here's a picture of the shirts, click on it to make it, you know...bigger. Oh, by the way; the new Aquabats album is freaking amazing.

May 7- I got like 500 ArA stickers made and will have some t-shirts as well by the show on the 20th! With any luck the video for Justic le Pig will be on DvD at the same show for like $1. With any luck I'll have an online store setup here in the next week so you out-of-town kids can actually buy some stuff from us. Speaking of stuff i'm still making those 5 song promo CD's for a fw people to give out, so if you get're special! Oh, it looks like we will be playing this years "It!" festival in Stafford. Those shows are always awesome, I played at the first one a few years back in a different band and it was amazing. Thanks to Ryan Brosmer and Dave Smalley for working so hard on those shows! Oh, in other news I got an advanced copy of the new Sufjan Stevens album and let me tell you, it's flipping great!!

April 19- This is the last entry in this years Birthday Trilogy. I call it Return of the Sith's part III. Last Sunday was my birthday, now I'm officially almost dead. Clint and Andy didn't hang out with me because...well...quite frankly I'm a jerk and they hate me - but our BFF Jesse hung out! We played frolf during a totally hetero walk through the woods together, had chinese food, saw a cat in a window and got expensive gas! After all that Leah made me an awesome Unicorn cake! Check out these action shots!

Now that I'm finished with the birthday trilogy I can talk about band news! I put in real orders for t-shirts yesterday and I'm making a 5 (five) song promo CD I'm going to have some kids hand out to their friends! ArA Strret Team-4-lizzife represent! On top of that we have continued in our quest to write new songs and with any luck will be playing some at upcoming shows. The music video is basically done, I just need to find time to sit down with the guy that is making it for us (Scott King!) and get it all finalized and whatnot. Any-who, cya!

April 12- Yesterday was Clint's birthday party! We spent a lot of time on a trampoline! Hooray!

April 2- We are well on our way with writting the new album! It's dumber than eva! Yesterday was also Andy's birthday, and today we had a awesome party for him! Here's some pictures!

March 26- Wow am I really sick today. Also, we had a show. It went really it was a free show which means it had hotc0re turnout. Thanks to everyone that came and bought cds and said hi. I'm gonna go pass out.

March 15- Last night we shot a video for "Justice le Pig" with our friend Scott King (who did the amazing album artwork), his awesome wife Cindy, Jesse and his balls, and our friend Jessica who did an amazing job playing the main role in the video. It was really fun aside from being out in the *horridly* cold night for five hours. Scott is doing the editing and should have us a copy of it in a few weeks which I'll make sure gets put up on the website for download. In the meantime (Spacehog style) here are some pictures Jesse took with his cell phone during the shooting.

I am seriously smooth. Seriously.

I am also covered in blood, after andy killed my smoothness.

Jessica killing Clint. I have been dreaming of this for years!

Uhh. Andy and Clint. This part was filmed in my bedroom. Boom-chaka-boom.

Jesse took an awful lot of pictures of me. This is Scott putting makeup on me, to make me even MORE dead sexy.

March7- We are apparently shooting a video soon. Hot.

March 6- The show last Friday was awesome fun. Our friends "Reasons For Leaving" played and were amazing as usual. And our new friends from Estrella played an amazing set as well. I managed to break the E string (the huge thick one) on my bass and we basically played awful. But it was fun! Apparently a few weeks ago there was another article in the newspaper that mentioned us. The cool part is they printed the cover of our album in huge glorious color on the back page of the section it was in. So our friend Jesse brought me a copy and I scanned it today. We also installed my new washer! It was hilarious! Here's the on it to make know...bigger.

March 2- We have an amazing show coming up that I'm really excited about. Reasons for Leaving from PA and Estrella from Georgia will be playing, and both of those bands are absolutely fascinating. In other news we have started working on an EP we should have out this summer that I have high hopes for. The idea of a music video is getting thrown around a lot these days, if we can find someone to shoot one for cheap (free) that will probably happen too. Any ways, I'm just bored at work. I'll post again after the show this Friday.

February 22- Our cd release show on the second went awesome! We've been getting quite a few downloads of the new album too, so that's pretty exciting. Tell your friends about it...after all, it's free. Oh, last week there was an artical in the local paper about us. Here's a scan of it. Click on it to make it, you know...big.

February 1- It took three and a half months to track and press but the freaking CD is done, printed and a few copies have drifted their way out into the wilderness. It's called "Legend of the Last Raygunicorn" and the "official" release date is tomorrow at our show. It'll be on the website Thursday morning. Also on Thursday look for a review of it in Fredericksburg's Free-Lance Star's "IT!" section. Heres a picture of the majestic stack of CD's in my living room right now. Oh yea, Cake is way better than us.

January 24- We are done mixing!

January 21- The album is so close to being done I can taste it. It has a taste something like berryblue kool-aid. We have like a hour of mixing left and BAM, its over. Finally! In the next couple of days I will have all of the artwork printed and will be putting CD's it should *FINALLY* be out for the Feb 2nd show. Oh, we named it "The Legend Of The Last Raygunicorn". When we told some people the name they just looked at us like we were retards. Perfect. Oh, and in case you are wondering the CD is 14 songs strong. Almost 25 minutes. Thats long for us! Epic even! I'll see you kids on the 2nd!

January 15- The show tonite was fun eventhough it was rushed. Thanks to everyone that came out to see us for the zillionth time. Also, the new website is up as you can see. Let me know if you have any technical issues with it so I can get them fixed. Also, let me know if you think its ugly so I can kick you in the balls.

We have a special Groundhogs Day show on Feb 2nd! I'll put the info on the site tomorrow, I'm tired and going to bed.

January 11- The Postal Service album "Give Up" is absolutly fabulous. In the past three or so months we have been working on the new album nonstop. It's finally almost done, we will probably be finished with mixing within a week. It took *WAY* longer than we had expected, but has come along so well we are still thrilled to death. In time away from working on the actual album I have been spending an absurd amount of time building this website...that's not even live yet as I write this. I'm going to order some stickers soon and depending on the budget might get some shirts made as well, we will see.
Oh, last month we played a couple of super amazing shows in Fredericksburg to some super amazing Fredericksburg kids. Here's two pictures from our show December 17th of two awesome friends singing two...not so awesome songs.

KT singing "The Milkshake"

Kristina singing "The Sign"

In other non-band related news Andy and his wife Holly had a baby boy last fall and named him Conner. They have been getting along really good. Clint's wife, AC is due this spring as well. Babies everywhere! Like that commercial. You know the one. This one:

Ok, so that was stupid. This was a long update. I'll write more later. Cya.