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December 22- It's that time of year again! The time of year to break out The Vandal's 'Oi! To the World' CD! It's also that time of year when it feel good to just take care of some relaxation! On that note Clint and I have taken a break, which opened up some studio time for two pigs and a chicken! They recorded a song today called "Sorry" and as whacky as it sounds they are using the *same exact* band name we are using - for the time being anyway. Don't let all that confuse you! Their song is a little emo number, but it's pretty good! Remember they are the 'emo' Black Pearl, Clint and I are the funny Black Pearl! Whew! Ok, I posted their song up above! Enjoy!

December 15- We wrote the gayest thing ever today. Wow.

December 11- I got a "Mates of State" Cd. Its not too bad! In other news, I just finished up a song! It's the one about drugs! It's called (for now) "Drugs Are Rad, Esse!". Get it?! D.A.R.E! Hahaha, it's awesome cause it's about drugs! Check it out above!

December 1- Darkest Hour is waaaay better than us. Today we recorded part of a song that is about how good drugs such as "Mary Jane", "Heroin" and "Cocaine" are for people. It's a boppy little dance number - all the kids will be rocking out like me:

November 24- First off, let me apologize for dropping the F-bomb last update. I was just a little overly excited. I'm sorry. Moving we recorded a new song! Yes! Its called "Justice Le Pig" and its up above for *you* to download! Leah did some vocals on it, here's a fucking picture of her! Sorry about it being blurry!

November 17- I've been with Leah for 9 fucking years! Good lord! Today Clint and I wrote a grunge rock song. We only tracked the drums though, cause we were busy playing Nirvana songs all day. By the way..Nirvana is *waaay* better than us. We also jammed on a really really fast real punk rock song. We might record something like that. Who knows?! And lastly, friend Tom who is in Africa played 'Bessy the Cheeseburger' on the radio on Gao, Mali. The weird part of that is that at least one African person has heard that song. The weirder part is a LOT of African people have heard it cause of his radioness. Rock over London, rock over Mali.

November 4- Holy Crap! We did something yesterday! A new song is done! It's not the crappy Girrafe song either, it's a new much worse song! Ok, i like it...but it's gonna piss off some people for sure! Download it above - the one called "Wronger Than Hitler". Awesome! Also, as you can see below, whistling is really hard. We may redo the whistle solo with a kazoo solo, but who knows?! Kemuri is *way* better than us!

November 1- Clint's failing school and people are having weddings and babies so things are crazy! We haven't goten anything new done, but the girrafe songs almost finished. Hopefully it'll be done Monday. We are probably going to change the name of the band, cause this name sucks. We are thinking "Death To Danielle". Oh yea, Stike Anywhere rocks.

October 6- We worked on the new giraffe song today. Clint played drums on it. I'm tired.


September 30- Today We wrote a really whacked out song about being in love with a girl from Africa that thinks she's a giraffe. We get weirder and werider. Anyways, hopefully we will have it finished up next week. That's all today!

September 26- We didn't do anything last week cause after the Hurricane I didn't have power at my house for six days! Total suck! I wasn't even home Monday, so I left Clint a note on the door. I'm very proud of my wit, so I'll share. It read as follows:

I'm writting this note letting you know
We don't have any electricity here so
I've gone over to Leah's mom's house
It's not far away, much closer than Laos
You see, she has electricity there
So I can play Dreamcast and wash my hair
Alas, we won't be rocking out today
So go on home and do something gay pray

To which Clint responded:
I hate you

Oh yea, Coheed and Cambria is waaaaay better than us. Holy crap we suck.

September 15- Ok, today Clint was a total jerk. But we finished up "Bessy The Cheeseburger". And it's awesome! Not total crap like some of our stuff, honest! Although I'm sure Mary will find something wrong with it. Oh yea, tomorrow the new 'Saves the Day' album comes out! They are way better than us! Anyways, check out this awesome picture of Clint flying! We found some pixie dust today, and it *really* works!

September 9- Summers over! Holy Hardcore! Yesterday we went to the mall, and had slurpees, and saw Art in his truck. We also recorded parts of the best song ever (of this week, and not really the best song ever): "Bessie the Cheeseburger". We made a video of us working on it (ok, just standing there listening to it). Click on the picture of clint to download it!

Here's a pic of me putting some vocals on the new song. I sing awful!

August 31- My A/C unit is jacked up. It's like ten million degrees in here. We won't be recording tomorrow due to the horrid heat, but look forward to new songs soon! Then one day we will shoot a music video for one! Tom's in Africa! Holy crap! oh yea, get the new Streetlight Manifesto CD. IM me, I'll send it to you.

August 25- Today we finished a song called 'Chips and Salsa', named the band (The Black Pearl), renamed one other song (Naming Your Band After Things In Disney Movies Is So Eighth Grade), had a photo shoot, covered "Beat It", ate hotdogs and hung out! Awesome! the way, Rilo Kiley is waaaay better than us.

Don't worry..Clints not *really* dead!

Here is a picture of Chip...who is here alot and helps us come up with song ideas and takes pictures for us! Awesome job, Bone-diggity!\

August 11- We meant to redo the lyrics on The Dog Adventure cause of how awful they came out last time, but instead we ate pickles and wrote an emo song. Clint drank alot of pickle juice too. Sick!

This is where we mix our awful songs!

August 4- We finished tracking the dog song today! Super sweet! Download it above. Also, heres some new pictures!

Here's clint, Flipper the pig, and Moose tracking some vocals on the dog song! HEY!!

Jeremy the Gnome relaxing between takes on the keys.

Heres a member of our old gang- I'll miss jane 4-eva.

A friend of ours, from back in the day. When we were tough.

July 29- We didn't do much today. Tracked drums to the new best song ever: The Dog Song. We had a lot of frozen pop thingies...uhh...

July 22- I added a "new" version of Andron 5 to the site. We recorded it a while back, and I forgot about it until today. It's a cover of a JmB song. Enjoy!

July 21-We finished tracking "The Milkshake". See above. Heres some new pictures!


Hope he fits in the trash!

Uh-oh! He didnt fit! Lets bury him!

July 14-We didn't really do anything today. We recorded a drum track to the new best song ever - "The Milkshake". Here's some new pictures!

July 7th-Here's some pics of the studio.I'm only proud of it cause of what we recorded in before.
Ever seen Trainspotting? You know that toilet?
Yea, we recorded there...only the smell was worse.