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Atomic Raygun Attack presents: The Sting (2007)

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Entire EP in a zip file - 30megs

Individual Songs:
1.Deadly Deadly Bees - Lyrics
2.Kill All Humans (Except One) - Lyrics
3.Alive In Some Other Dimension - Lyrics
4.Goodbye, Waking World - Lyrics
5.Lime Green Affair - Lyrics
6.The Best Coma I've Ever Seen - Lyrics

The Best Coma I've Ever Seen:

I don't know what to say to you
But I hope this is getting through
I'll hold on, 'cause I can't let go
Now you'll never know, Please come back

I've done all that I can do
I miss you, and I wish you knew
I'll do whatever it may take
Hoping you'll awake. Just wake up.

They thought that I was mad for waiting here by you - you've come back
I thought I'd never see your eye again.
I stayed beside you the whole time and spoke to you - while you slept
Who knows if it made a difference.
If it got through...