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Atomic Raygun Attack presents: The Sting (2007)

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Individual Songs:
1.Deadly Deadly Bees - Lyrics
2.Kill All Humans (Except One) - Lyrics
3.Alive In Some Other Dimension - Lyrics
4.Goodbye, Waking World - Lyrics
5.Lime Green Affair - Lyrics
6.The Best Coma I've Ever Seen - Lyrics

Deadly Deadly Bees:

I've got a problem that I cannot run from / By challenging myself and all of my friends / We've got to face our death, to prove ourselves again / Into the deadly nest, into the lion's den

The old crew tried and lost / Will we win? At what cost?
With this queen we'll invest / I've got Jelly in my underpants
And now we come to the scene of the tail where we all just RUN!!!!

Well I'm sick of dancing for the stupid, fat queen / We've finished with the job, now let's just go / Let's make a break for it, flee from our deadly foe

So we're safe, we got away / We live to suck another day / We're better than the other guys / But we got lucky this time / I do not mean to condescend / But we can't throw caution to the wind / We can't escape all the tight spots / We must preserve the life we've got / Now's the time to be a little bit more careful / cause the future may be here, but we still want to see a little bit more / You know if anything should ever happen to you it would kill me / It would kill me and I don' want to die when I'm not sure About your feelings for a man who's out of place but feels completely full of peace when he's around the greatest girl in deep space / I have tried everything, I even rearranged the stars, I don't know if you're playing hard to get but I appreciate the chase / I would do anything for you, I would do anything to save the greatest Cyclops freak of nature that I ever did see / And this is killing me, it's absolutely killing me but if it ever killed you I would jump into the line of the bee / Look out, look out for the coming of the pain / It attacks to the body and it flows to the brain / When the stinger hits the skin and the neurotoxins drain / An eye-popping explosion, and the victim has been slain / To a graveyard in the sky / In a deadly lullaby

Look out, look out Run!