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Atomic Raygun Attack presents: The Sting (2007)

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Entire EP in a zip file - 30megs

Individual Songs:
1.Deadly Deadly Bees - Lyrics
2.Kill All Humans (Except One) - Lyrics
3.Alive In Some Other Dimension - Lyrics
4.Goodbye, Waking World - Lyrics
5.Lime Green Affair - Lyrics
6.The Best Coma I've Ever Seen - Lyrics

Goodbye, Waking World:

Dreams provide me with gladness
I am swimming in madness
There is only one solution

I can't get my mind back now
To the brain, I attack now
In this bloodless revolution
One spoonful calms you down, Two spoonfuls help you sleep
Three spoonfuls and you'll sleep so deep you.ll never wake up (NEVER!)
With this magical potion
I can prove my devotion
In this absolute endeavor

One, a calming down into
Two, I'm closer to near you
Three, I'll be with you forever