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Atomic Raygun Attack presents: The Sting (2007)

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Individual Songs:
1.Deadly Deadly Bees - Lyrics
2.Kill All Humans (Except One) - Lyrics
3.Alive In Some Other Dimension - Lyrics
4.Goodbye, Waking World - Lyrics
5.Lime Green Affair - Lyrics
6.The Best Coma I've Ever Seen - Lyrics

Kill All Humans (Except One):

It's all my fault that you're dead
Should have been me instead
Now forever lost in space
I would gladly take your place

I just want you to know I'll never let you go
In this dreadful attack, I will bring you back

I wish I could change the past
Give you more breath than your last
Sunny thoughts of you remain
But with me lies the pain

Through the sting of the bee, death because of me
I can't seem to get through being the end of you
I just wish I could hold you in my arms just one more time,
And bring your body back to me, back to me
You're the only one I ever loved
And now I have to set you free, set you free
Took for granted you were always there
I had to make it do or die, do or die
Now the only thing I counted on
Is being buried in the sky, goodbye