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The Free EP (2004)

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Entire EP in a zip file - 10megs

Individual Songs:
1.The Milkshake - Lyrics
2.A Million Love Songs (Acoustic) - Lyrics
3.Bessy The Cheeseburger - Lyrics
4.Justic le Pig - Lyrics
5.I Think Were Alone Now - Lyrics

Bessy The Cheeseburger:

Bessy from McDonalds
I know you've had a rough life in the slaughterhouse
But you're hap hap happy now
As A happy meal
You're beautiful to me, with cheese and sesame seeds
Your best friends: Coca-Cola and Fries
If I could save you, I'd do anything I could
Your time was not yet, but you turned out so good
Sorry that I failed you, better luck next time...

But you're so delicious, Its probably a crime!

Bessy from McDonalds
You can't Moo anymore!
A dead ringer for delicious
Your bloods on the slaughterfloor
You're beautiful to me
And now your inside me
I miss you
But your chock-full of fat, fat (but I won't go vegan)..fat fat..
But I won't go vegan...