In 2006 we recorded a Christmas song about the then-new Nintendo Wii!
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Atomic Raygun Attack-Wii Don't Need No Girls For Christmas.mp3

When you left me there I couldn't believe
That I was all by myself on Christmas Eve
Without a friend to listen out for reindeer
It hurt as badly as bloody Christmas Spear
Oh how I never thought that you'd abandon me
Before I met the man who gave out Christmas Glee
But I don't need you now, I'm through my time of need
Saint Nick got me a gift: A new Nintendo Wii!
Ohh, It's oh so sweet, new and improved, my brand new Wii
And it's better than you!
I'm playing tennis with this crazy new controller
And I'm laughing about how big jerks like you do not get gifts!

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~Thanks, ArA.